Professional Cosmetic Aesthetics Companies

We offer packs of specific treatments, facial products, hygiene products, sun protection products, hair removal products, male cosmetics, etc.

Pharmacy Professionals

We have been working for many years in the dermo-pharmaceutical sector and this experience has given us a great knowledge of the market and the confidence of prestigious multinationals. We offer maximum innovation in active ingredients and innovative, safe and practical packaging.

Dermatology Professionals

Our extensive knowledge of the professional cosmetics sector allows us to offer the most effective and innovative active ingredients, ensure traceability throughout the production process and guarantee high quality at all stages.

Large Multinational Companies

We know how important it is for a large company to act quickly and efficiently. For this reason, we always work together when making decisions, we adapt to small and large quantities, and we agree on, and meet, delivery deadlines.

Specialised Shops

Perfumeries, spas, hotels. Everything related to beauty, health and wellness